My Story

Something happened “way back when”. I remember that day clearly. I was at a fork in the road of my life path. I knew that the choice I made that day would determine the course of my life for years to come. I made the choice that day that I thought I should make. After all, it was time to grow up. It was time to make my parents proud. It was time to become responsible, secure, to join the real world of work-a-day grown-ups, to do the “right thing.” So, I made a choice that day.  I made the choice that thought I should.

Fast-forward some 20-plus years later after doing the “right thing”, making the money, paying the bills, raising the kids, playing inside the politically correct box, suppressing my gifts, suppressing my voice, suppressing my talent, suppressing my spirit…I woke up to the dullness of a purposeless, passionless life. It seemed that now all there was left to do was to…wait for death….

WHOA!  WAIT A MINUTE, TRISCHA!  WAIT JUST A MINUTE!  DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?   THIS IS MAUDLIN!  THIS IS DEPRESSING!  THIS ISN’T YOU!  YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHIN’ ABOUT THIS!  (At least I still had enough of my own objectivity to call myself out on destructive thinking.)

I needed the tingles back. I needed that internal electric buzz of energy, wit, creativity, and excitement that flows within me when I’m working from my strengths and gifts. As I talked to myself that day, I noticed that a new sense of purpose, enthusiasm, permission, passion, ideas, and action came flooding forth. That day I made a choice too. That day I made the choice – and the commitment – to do what was right for me, to honor myself and my gifts, to celebrate my uniqueness, which is my greatness, and to NEVER sell out again.

A consummate learner, I began studying and focusing upon how the brain works and why it is so hard for some of us to get out of our own way, even though we know what our special gifts, talents, and strengths are, what we’re meant to do in this world, how we’re supposed to contribute. The study and focus that began in 2010 as a passing interest has now become a deeply-engrained and indelible understanding within me. It is an integral part of my life and of my work today. The information and skills that I have learned, and continue to learn, practice and master, have proven to be invaluable tools for me and for the many others that I help, coach, and teach. After learning and personally experiencing the immediate results of these tools in action, it is clear to me that each one of us, who truly desires to do so, can – once and for all – get out of our own way. We can truly stay unstuck forever.

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